This page gives insight into different parts of my life, including my academic background, and what I get up to in my free time.


I'm a Data Science Graduate (which I like to describe as a mix between computer science and statistics) from the University of Warwick, based in Coventry in the UK. I achieved a 2:1 overall (around 67%), and completed my dissertation titled "Compressing and Denoising Genome Sequences using Autoencoders" (which I received 72% for) - I'd be happy to provide a copy on request!

Before university I attended Wymondham High Academy based in Norfolk, UK, and subsequently Wymondham High Sixth Form. I received the highest grade in the year for computer science during my A-Levels, and helped teach the lower years programming in my free time.

More detailed information can be found on my LinkedIn page, which is to the left of this text.


I was the President of the Esports society at Warwick University in my final year. This entailed meetings with the student union, organising advertising for the society, managing social media accounts, and also organising LAN parties (generally were a group of similarly-interested people all haul their computers into the same room to play a game, rather than simply using the internet). From the time of founding myself and other committee members have worked hard to make Warwick Esports the nationally and internationally recognised organisation that it is today.

I've done a few things outside of my primary education, the hardest and most rewarding being completing DofE (currently finishing up my Gold Award).
DofE is a scheme which has 4 main components, volunteering, learning a skill, practising a sport, and going out on an expedition. Usually these 4 components are completed by dedicating an hour a week to each, over a certain time frame (depending on the level). The expedition is a 2-5 day (again, depending on the level) outing to a not-so-nearby countryside area, where as a team students must navigate their way around the wilderness and camp in tents once they reach their destination. I enjoyed the expedition that I even volunteered to help out, and be a temporary instructor for some of the lower years who were just starting to undergo their DofE journey.

In the same vein, between 2012 and 2015, I joined a sailing camp for a week, meeting new people as well as learning/teaching people how to sail. In my last year I was appointed the position of First mate, which involved helping out the captain with organising routes, chores, disputes, and so on. The only reason I stopped going was unfortunately because I grew too old!

Towards the end of the last academic year I joined the SSLC (Student-Staff liaison committee) as the Fresher's Data Science Representative, which gave me a chance to voice my concerns about Data Science within the statistics department from a 1st year perspective, and also gave me insight into the department's inner workings.


I'm currently employed at Elsevier as a Technology Associate, within Research Tech, more specifically the BOS team. This involves taking care of the data lake, and standardising output from it. I'm also currently a Data Analyst at Diabolus esports, mainly focussing on player performance analysis, and team scouting - involving a lot of work with the Riot API.

I was also placed at Gamoloco where I worked on a few projects ranging from data processing of Twitch chat, to basic p5 animation. It taught me a lot about industry web development, as well as using database and data storage systems I wasn't so familiar with such as MongoDB.

While studying for my A-Levels at Wymondham High, I worked as a cleaner in the evenings. I was assigned 4 rooms, and for 2-3 nights a week would stay after hours to vacuum, wash tables, and carry out waste. Since in this time I was also studying for my upcoming exams, I had to manage my time well enough to allow for enough revision - which was harder than the job itself!

Before the start of this academic year I also signed up to help on one of the open days, which allowed current 6th form students to look around the university. I was stationed in the Statistics Department, answering and questions or queries the upcoming students/parents had about the Data Science course. This also encouraged me to sign up as a full time helper for the university, meaning I would also perhaps give campus/accommodation tours in my free time.